Windows 8 Editions And Difference Between Them

Lot of people keep asking of what edition of Windows 8 is the best? Or which one should i install on my computer? . . . Well actually there is no edition can be described with the word (The Best) as the best for me maybe not the best for me . . . (It depends on your usage and the features you need) Let’s take a look first to the Windows 8 editions then i’ll explain the difference between them so you can have a fair judgement of which edition you shall use . . .

Going back in time to Windows 7 there was (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise Edition), Now Microsoft wanted to make it easier for the user to choice by making it simpler so if we had a look on Windows 8 Editions we will find (Windows 8, Windows 8 Professional, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 RT) great we have heard before about all these terms, But what’s Windows 8 RT (New Term)

  • Windows 8 RT – is built for ARM-Based devices like tablets, True it doesn’t have all the features in Windows 8, Windows 8 Professional, Windows 8 Enterprise, But it’s because the ARM processors aren’t strong like the processors we have in our PCs or Laptops while it have another benefits like power saving, power efficiency (ARM processor-based device may last longer than an x86 processor-based laptop), Another thing about Windows 8 RT that YOU CANNOT INSTALL IT (It Came Pre-Installed On The Device) . . . Now let’s take a look on the different editions comparison chart
  • Note: Some of the Windows 8 Editions copies followed with the “N” character like Windows 8 N, Windows 8 Professional N they are the same just like the copies not followed with “N” character but with only one difference (They Doesn’t Include Windows Media Player)

“Please Click on The Picture To Watch It Perfectly”
Windows 8

Now after knowing what’s each edition’s features you can judge What’s the best edition of Windows 8 for you ^^
I’ll Explain Each Feature In Another Post 🙂 Hope That You Liked It


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