Create Your First Azure App ( Hello Azure!! )

Well i’ve shared an overview of windows azure in a post earlier before this one 🙂 Hope you people to read it first to know what you are going to deal with 🙂

  • Make Your PC Ready For Azure
  • You should have supported version of Visual Studio installed on supported version of Windows.

    Supported versions of Windows as following: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012.
    Supported versions of Visual Studio as following: Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2008. You can download the web express version for free from Here

    NOTE: Windows Xp & Windows Server 2003 aren’t supported because the Windows Azure Web Roles are built on IIS 7.0 while they use earlier versions of IIS that wont meet the need of Windows Azure SDK.

    You can download Windows Azure SDK (Software development kit) which contain (Simulation of Windows Azure Development Fabric, Templates for creating web applications, Windows Azure storage environment, ..etc.) Download it from Here.

  • Let’s Get Started!!
  • First run your visual studio as Administrator other wise the Windows Azure Emulator wont run.

    Now create a new project [File> New> Project> Cloud “From the left pane”], Choose Windows Azure Cloud Service Enter the name of your project and solution then click OK …Check the picture.

    Now from this dialog box you choose the type of Windows Azure Project you want to create you’ll fine many types of roles (i.e., ASP.NET Web Role, ASP.NET MVC4 Web Role, WCF Service Web Role, Worker Role, Silver Light Business Application …etc.)
    Now select ASP.NET Web Role then click the right arrow button then click ok (.2

    After the Visual Studio load the solution you will find two project (WindowsAzure1, WebRole1).
    WindowsAzure1: This will contain the configuration that’s specific for your Windows Azure Web Role.
    WebRole1: It’s a regular ASP.NET web application you can modify default.aspx file as you would do if you developed ASP.NET projects before.


    Now click on WebRole1 Project> Choose default.aspx, Now we have a ready template we have to modify it to meet our needs … Please Check The Picture.

    Now after you have created your “Hello Azure” application you can press (Ctrl+F5) to run it on Windows Azure Development Fabric.

    Hope you liked the topic ^^ There will be more of windows azure just stay tuned 🙂 Thank you


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